The Lily x The Emmys

For one of my most recent projects, I was commissioned by The Lily to help them out with some illustrations for the 69th Primetime Emmy Awards. This was such a fun project to work on, for a publication that I really enjoy and am super stoked to align myself with. 


I created seven pieces, each revolving around each of the programs nominated for Outstanding Drama Series, and their female protagonists. Ok, drawing cool ladies, against a cool backdrop, no colour - perf.

A few of these took a bit longer in the early stages, as I hadn't seen a few of the TV shows before (not a huge drama fan), and wasn't very familiar with the characters/locations/faces. If there's anything I am good at though, it's squeezing in an entire season of a TV show into my work week. All in the name of concept research. 


The most difficult part was getting the facials correct, and drawing everybody's hands! I'd often move from initial concept, refined to sketch, to final art without the faces or hands drawn in completely, and leave them until last because I knew if I tried to tackle them too early on in the piece, I would get frustrated and discouraged. Hey, it worked out fine.