Ruth and Fran

As some of you may know, I am an older Jewish lady from New York at heart, so I am obviously a huge fan of both Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Fran Lebowitz. I always imagine these two hanging out (because that's what cool people do in their spare time, right? Yep), so I decided to have a crack at illustrating them together. 

I opted for a power pose with chummy vibes, because they are both wonderful badasses whom I'm imagining are secret pen pals. As you can see, I stuck to a classic monochrome palette, because colour is for losers - kidding! Don't come for me.

Anyway, if you're not familiar with either of these ladies:

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is currently an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the US, and is only the second female Justice to be confirmed to the court. She's liberal, holds strong views on a woman's right to abortion, fights against gender discrimination, search and seizure, and a bunch of other sick things. A legal trailblazer, if you will. Ruth notably served as an Associate Justice for the case of Bush v Gore in 2000 (after Bush effectively rigged the election with his 'war on drugs'... I really cannot get into this now. But pls message me if you want to talk about The Man further). Anyway, Ruth has become somewhat a pop culture icon over the last few years, no doubt because she's terrific in every way. She is also referred to, in certain internet circles, as Notorious RBG.

Fran Lebowitz is an author and social commentator, often noting the foibles of today's New Yorkian with cutting sardonicism. She is New York. Witty and cynical, Fran is not religious in the slightest, and wears badass suits all day every day. Jacket, tortoiseshell glasses, Levi's, boots. Fuckin' boom!

Listen to any interview with her, and it's a god-damn delight. I find her fascinating and admire her way with words. A modern-day Dorothy Parker (who is also the shit, if you're not already on board, look her up). 

Here's a timelapse of the piece. I almost gave Fran a cool cap, but decided against it, as not to hinder her beautiful mane. Also, hands are really hard, ok? Don't judge me, guys.